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Welcome to the future of sustainable energy. SolarPro offers an end-to-end nationwide Solar PV installation service. We understand that many individual customers and companies are not familiar with our industry and may not always know what to expect. Therefore, we provide consultancy services on Solar PV system types, sizes and on quality of equipment on the market.


We complete thorough residential, commercial & agricultural surveys before a job contract is agreed and we offer free quotes to our residential customers so that they can plan financially. 


For us, servicing our clients to a high standard of quality ensures we can walk away from a completed project knowing that we have improved the quality of their environment, and the planet. A key reason why I set up my business in the first place. Our clients are provided with an highly efficient system, a greener solution, while still being an affordable one. We also ensure each of our clients are given guidance on how to use the system before we leave. While reducing their carbon footprint, they also save money on their energy costs going forward. 


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your sustainable goals!


Dean Dempsey

Owner SolarPro

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